Monday, December 29, 2008

People We Could do Without

This is a continuation of the previous post. I know this list can go on and on but my aim is to compress the list and represent a cross section of losers.

Raj Thackrey -He is the man I did not want to put on my list because he is not worth it. Not even worth disgust, I actually put him here on popular demand . Completely a media created monster, he has failed to win even a single seat in the Mumbai civic polls. He is a political nobody, and is a shameless hypocrite. I would have abused him in the most choicest of apt abuses, save for the fact that I am actually afraid of the Maharashtra Police(who have no other job to do other than catching abusive bloggers and framing imaginary terrorists, and the same goes for other politicos). This country has no real Freedom of Speech. But get this clear Mr Raj. your Bombay(yeah right!!!) is not a Maharashtrian city. It is Gujarati, made from the entrepreneurial spirit of countless nobodies from Navsari to Anjar. Its spirit is Gujarati and would have gone to Gujarat, had it not been for the hysterical self immolation attempts and the idiocy of Nehru. Actually, I ve spent too many words on this pathetic fool, but I request him to build a shivaji statue in the middle of sea and keep a look out for bhayyas infiltrating through the sea route.

TR Baalu- Well not many would know him, but this man has the distinction of single handedly fucking up our National Highway Program. His megalomaniacal tendencies have led him to change the NHAI directors once in every 3 months and the highway construction has ground to a groaning halt. Worse, his ministry is sitting on 5000 crores of funds collected as tolls from us. One big reason you should vote for the BJP this time around. (Bring back khanduri) Next year, the voters of his constituency should road roll him.

P.C. Chidambaram-The sheer arrogance of this man is nauseating; his policies disastrous. Probably the most over rated minister in the history of this country(he has a lotta competition), his mantra is to spend astonishing amounts on dud schemes(because senorita tells him to) and squeeze the middle class with irrational taxes, because we shut up and pay. He took 4 years to initiate a single reform measure. He is singular reason I did not apply to Harvard this year. If it churns out these kinda fools, I wouldn't rather go there. Now he is on his way to fill the shoes of the great Shivraaj Patil and am sure he'll do full justice to it.

Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Gosh et al- The screaming hysterical ladies of Indian television urgently need a voice coach. They equate journalism and asking tough questions to screaming incessantly at the participants of their talk shows in the process making Mamta Banerjee look like a domesticated cow. And to top it all, they have the balls(sic) to believe that they can shape the opinion of the nation. Ladies, please go see a doctor, or better, go to a journalism school.

Rahul Gandhi- A philandering yuvraaj, he is clearly under- endowed in the intellectual department, as his hemvati-kalaavati speeches show. His utterances are pathetically juvenile at best and no wonder the negative IQ losers in the media lap it up some times even calling him India's Saviour(God save India). He is in the position that he is in just by the conjecture of his birth.Otherwise he'd be hunting for some clerical job. Dude, go join some permanent Big Boss ala RM or go get lost in the Colombian Jungles. You deserve no more.

PS Although this list is almost exclusively filled with people from the political walk, there are indeed many deserving luminaries from other worlds, who I could not accommodate because of the single minded obssesion I have with politics. Here I would like to propose those names
Sharukh Khan, for his depressing overacting in Rab ne bana di jodi and also to Aditya Chopra, for stealing the film's story from a third grade kid's essay book.
Ramalinga Raju, for his astounding corporate governance record.
The Real Estate companies, for their obsession with 50% margins and for letting their greed better of them even in times of distress.

This list could go on and on guys, but I think this is a fair cross section. Comments and suggestions solicited.


Another Kiran In NYC said...

Now I must check out this highway fella! He sounds like efficiency's kryptonite!

I always had a penchant for an earnest looking, mundu swishing tambram in delhi power circles. So just for me could you excuse Chidambram, just this once? Pretty please with sugar on top!

In exchange can you add Sunjay Dutt to the list?

vikram said...

Kiran, I am biased towards the Bhajap as you must've realised, and I really do detest the man, he's arrogant and condescending, but your request might be considered if the media begins the omar-will-be-obama chant. Then I'll have a new personality.;). And please do check out the shenanigans of the highway fella. Amazing.