Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Media Morons are Losing It

Before I go on I'd like to apologize for the longish break. MBA dreams needed some work. GD PI prep and all that bullshit. Actually haven't much to do, so thought to go in for MBA.....lets see how it works out.

Actually due to all the kinda prep, I had got into a sort of writers block (yeah I know tooo amateur for that, but what the hell!!! ) But today, Arnab Goswami gave me some inspiration. After ranting on that irrelevant Mutalik and making wild allegations based on mere conjecture, he aired a Dawn News report on alleged RAW agent and then proceeded to mock the channel for its standards with aplomb. Without even being tongue in cheek or a trace of being the discerning viewer saw them as the sides of the same coin, the coin which has the portrait of idiots on both the sides!!!

As the world economy is tanking and jobs are being lost, as the Indian laborer losing his job, and while the PM is recuperating from a serious surgery and a 74 year old workaholic is handling 6 portfolios, and polls being 2 months away(as announced by an idiotic Dy EC), as Pakistan is set to activate its denial ministry again, what do you expect the great Indian Media to report?

Goons in Mangalore, an idiot of the lunatic fringe hogging the headlines, and to top it all, a jilted lover committing suicide.

Such is the journalistic bankruptcy of the electronic media and it has disproved all the economic theories about competition giving better value to the consumers. Because this is what competition has done to the media.

I realised this while watching DD today, the Lok Sabha channel. The discussions there were so civilized and speakers so knowledgeable that I was left stunned.No screaming Sagarika or breathless Barkha or Raajdeep rhetoric. Just an impassioned debate that derived it watch ability from the good ol fashioned thing called content and examples. Admitted, the production values were tacky, but the heart of the makers was in the right place. And DD doesn't have competition.. What this competition and 24*7 news has made them do is to make them sink to the lowest common denominator and make the television idiot proof, and as a result of the process they've made and idiot out of us all.

And if this isn't an issue of corporate governance, than what else is? Its about delivering value to your most important stakeholder, your customer. Because remember, its us, the well informed consumer, the advertisers target, who revenues to the channels. the advertisers are not interested in the loser who is interested in "chajje pe billo rani". So we as a consumer have a right to better news, not Chand Fiza bullshit.

I'd love it if some of us took the initiatives and the concerned among us just switched off these lazy channels and watched soaps instead. Unfortunately that is all we can do as a consumer.

The next EC, Naveen Chawla was given a character certificate by the SC stating that "the person is not fit to hold any public office that demands fairness" for grovelling before Indira G. And look at him now.
Better news that Pramod Mutalik, What say?