Wednesday, December 17, 2008

People We Could do Without Next Year

As I write this, another eventful year is coming to a close. For the UPA its been business as usual, exhibiting with aplomb its pathetic ineptitude in governing this country, as we have bungled from one disaster to another. The colossal failure of this government will only be known when we get down to pick the pieces, and trust me the news aint gonna be any good. The economy is in the doldrums because of the implementation of stupid populist programs that have been deemed as a failure. The infrastructure projects that the last government took up are not moving and the telecom ministry has become shady. Of course you have been shielded from this bad news by the media, which is a collection of Congress rags and Communist mouthpieces, as they believe that serving the haughty lady in 10 Janpath is akin to serving the country.
Anyways as this year comes to a close, I thought of making a list of people for whom I have no love lost. Magazines publish various lists, power, person of the year etc. But here I would like to put out a list of persons whom India would'nt miss much.
So here goes....

1) Arundhati Roy- The fact that this lady even manages to get media space is stupifying to me. Her views are always tailored to grab media attention and obviously not well thought through. A one book wonder, she obviously has no job but to malign India and her institutions. This lady created various falsehoods about Gujarat riots such as rapes etc, which are folklore even today and have been exposed by the SC's SIT to fabrications of a deranged mind. Supported ably by another Hindu hater, Teesta Setalvad. Both of thse ladies should be sent to Tibet where no one can hear their idiotic insiniuations.

2) Mamta Banerjee- The less said about the screaming lady from Bengal, the better. She has a Nano sized egg on her face, and it stinks. I am petitioning Modi to give her a retirment house i Sanand.

3)Amar Singh- This wheeler dealer always manages to get away from all the corruption in the world and the media does'nt care. Last heard he had his snout in Clinton's pork barrel. He donated 23 crores to The Clinton Foundation, and with declared assets of 37 crores, he is truly one altruistic mind.

4) Zardari and his Cohorts- Mr 10 percent seems to be losing it. Constant flip flops, wild accusations, weird house arrests and then denials man, I am begining to lose him. Everytime he opens hi strap, disaster's lurking. Poor chap cant keep anyone happy The Indians are gunning for him, the army is contemptuous of him, the mullahs hate his attitude and then there is Sharif. Last heard he has started a Ministry Of Denial in Islamabad whose job is to deny everything India says. They have issued 9987 denials in absolutly incomprehensible urdu and we're and still counting. Their tagline is -No, We didn't.

5) Gowda Clan-This bunch of illiterate idiots have screwed Karnataka enough with their anti development agenda. I wonder what kind of morons vote for this family. They are the masters of the worst party in India, the Janata Dal (Sewage). They are bereft of any ideology save that of power and make a conspicous show of their lack of morality. Hers hoping BSY digs a huge pit in Hassan and buries them there.

The list will continue soon but a small Post Script about people who are missing I wont Miss next year.
Shivraaj Patil- What can be said about a Home Minister whose First statement after taking over is "We are ready to have meaningful intercourse with the terrorists". I can think of only one thing. Goodbye, asshole.
AR Antulay- Our own non state actor, played into the hands of Pakistan by making wild allegations, probably under the cynical directions of Queen Maino and MMS.
Vilas Rao Deshmukh- Watching him on Maharashtra's chair, I was dumbfounded! Man this chap had some kinda glue thing with the chair going on. He confirmed to the true congress culture of getting and sticking on to power at any cost. now he has lost power, hope his son's atrocious movies stop too.


Another Kiran In NYC said...

My first visit to your blog. Very refreshing alternate view. I look forward to reading more posts.

Regarding the list. I could add a bunch of more names... but I shall desist and just enjoy your list.

vikram said...

thank you kiran, you are welcome to add to my list thinking about it a lot lately, could use some more sarcastic wit, have run out of it

Sugandha said...

Hehe. Good post!

Please add Raj Thackeray in this list too... on the top.

Remove Antualy from foot note and add him to main list.

vikram said...

yeah sugandha, I underestimated the kaangressi glue on the power chair. Its too strong.