Friday, August 14, 2009

A Joke Called the ATS and other Stories

I'm posting after a long long hiatus, been busy in life doing meaningful things for a change. Plus there was no news at all. It was disarray in the BJP, with the prospect of a comeback looking bleaker with each passing day and was business as usual for the Congress in the Govt, shouting Inclusiveness from North Block's rooftops and doing nothing about anything. Also I was cut off from the idiotic Television Media which has always been my inspiration.

Then Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad came along and provided some welcome entertainment with his foot in mouth disease. Blaming a dead 11 year old kid for spreading the Virus requires suspension of a good deal of Grey Matter, coupled with a dose of insensetivity. But what really set me thinking was a little noticed news event, the removal of MCOCA on Praygya Thakur and Col Purohit. It was a given that the baised English Media would not cover the event after the huge amount of screen time and reams of paper they had spent in telling us about the "Hindu Terrorists". Plus of course they had to stoke the Swine Flu fear to drive TRPs in an otherwise dull news season.

What happens with the removal of MCOCA is that one of the main evidence of the Prosecution, the confession, becomes invalid. This makes the case even more fragile, making it rest just on video tapes and taped phone conversations, both inadmissable as evidence.

Though the innocence of the accused is yet to be proved, the whole case begs a larger question, that of the extant that the governement is willing to go to for a few votes. As a wise English Judge had observed, It is better to acquit a hundred criminals than to convict a single innocent man. It is true that our Police and Judiciary are woefully slow and incompetent, but this case clearly is a conspiracy, with the involvement of the executive. Thankfully better sense has prevailed in the judiciary for now. If this turns out the I hope it would, the Sagarika Barkha media will have a huge collective egg on their faces. Of course they wouldn't report it, afterall who would like to make a fool of themselves. And the incompetency of the ATS will be further proved. What can be expected from an organization that cant even defend its own Chief from a 19 yr old Paki.

A fun Fact to sign off with. In the last Lok Sabha elections, the EC had ordererd current Maharashtra DGP away from polling duties due to his Pro Congress bias. This year, no such notice has been issued. The Navin Chawla- Sonia Gandhi effect?

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Pallavi Ganju said...

hmmm... Random...a bit of everything...but u quote facts n enlighten me each time i go thru these pages...

looking forward to something more juicy next time around...hope the hiatus is not as long as the last one!!