Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random thoughts

I'm suddenly starting to enjoy seeing Burkha and Shrill Sagarika on TV recently. The evident discomfort on their faces while discussing the Congress' poll prospects is amusing to say the least. They've been trying desperately for the past week to play the matchmaker between the left and the Congress and also wreck the allaince between Nitish and BJP, with spectacular failure. Nitish sharing the dais was the last straw for them and the secular diploma given to him was hastily withdrawn by none other than the Chancellor of the secularism university, Shri MMS. Barkha was almost angry at Nitish, especially after his kal ka kal dekhenge comment.

Also amusing was the Foot in Mouth disease afflicting the spokepersons of the Congress party. After Renegade Rahul created a huge shitpile of mess, the Congress was blundering away with allies. Unsurprisingly, the Congress has displayed total lack of morals, dumping allies and friends with absolute impunity, Mamta and Lalu were left fuming. Some see it as hard headed behaviour of a tough political taskmaster, but I see it as the soliciting of customers by a old fat political whore. But particulary gratifying was the departure of Oily Moily from the TV sets as a result of his zeal in clearing up Rahul shit. Good riddance, I'd say. But I guess only Rahul Baba has the freedom to make a fool of himself in the Congress. Inner aprty democracy...haah.

But something disgusting that I saw on Tv yesterday was Madam Italiano sitting besides a geriartic writer and listening to a poetic eulogy of a man who perhaps had a hand in the murder of her own husband. Does this woman have ANY self respect? Just goes to show how desperate the party is for power. The congress party simply collapses if its not in power for a lengthy period of time, simply because its the well oiled machinery of favours the binds the congress together. Without power, there's no cash, and without cash, no congress men. This is what has happened in the states of Gujarat, MP ,C'garh and UP. Well motivated cadre based parties like the BJP and the CPI fare better here.

Right from the beginning of this election season, we've been led to believe that this election was Congress' for the taking. The media had put out poll after poll anouncing that it would be a walkover for the UPA. But their spins have unravelled spectacularly as the voter has talked. NDTV was the last man standing till the 3rd phase, when it gave the Congress 171 seats. At the end of the fourth phase they refused to give any figures, except of course their prepostrours satta market figures(pig headed idiots). Even Yogendra Yadav refused to pinpoint the figures. But the thing about Yadav is that his misinterpretations are based on actual statistics. But Dorab Sopariwala of NDTV conjures up mythical figures based on pig headed statistical operations on false data collected from non existant people. And even if that does'nt work out in your favor, as you see it, you can always quote the satta market for spins.

But I've always wondered why these journalists are so pro congress. It must be their education actually. Without fail, all of them are from elite colleges in Delhi, where their youth must have been spent in listening to stupid speeches about Communism. But the surprising thing is that inspite of practising a profession where facts are your only tool, these journos have been so brainwashed that they cannot see the spectacular failure of Socialism and the Disaster of Congress rule. That makes them pretty dumb.

If governance record was the only criteria for voting in India, the BJP would be a shoo in almost everywhere. Read this http://ajayshahblog.blogspot.com/2007/02/maharashtra-vs-gujarat-on-cotton-and.html, just another example of how disastrous ideas of Nehruvian Socialism have been.

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