Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Case of Exploding Egos

My pun on the amazing book by Mohd Hanif, was inspired by the tepid response(tepid only by oratory, not words) given by that glorified -seat warming -petty babu-masquerading as the PM MMS to Advani's exhortations that he was the weakest PM ever. Now I wonder whether MMS was actually hurt enough to say the things that he did or was he ordered by the Italian to say so.
Two things suggest the latter.
1) MMS being the petty Yes Madam babu that he is, would'nt do anything without being directed to do so and
2) He actually was the weakest PM we've had (I dont count Gowda Gujaral as PMs). So he shouldn't feel hurt when the truth is told.

What really pains me here is the kid glove treatment that the 'free' media has given to MMS and the Italian. He is the ONLY democratically elected leader to have never given an interview. And now his family is being brought out to give interviews to the obliging media. In our dumb media's eyes Rahul's post poll alliances are more important than the Naxals. The media laps up everything that the family dishes out like faithful dogs.

Which brings me to the reason of my post. Why the congress is bad for us.

This, the Undie TV's of the world won't tell you.

The Congress party has gotten away with 55 years of absolute misgovernance without anybody raising an eyebrow.

Nehru was a wimp who did'nt know what he was doing. Communism or capitalism. He served a mishmash of both taking the worst of both the worlds, encouraging crony capitalism through excess govermentel controls and also forgetting the basic faciliteis the a socialist governement provides. So we got the IIT's but did'nt get the primary schools. We had the AIIMS but not the health centres. All in all he was a failure who lost a big war and left the country poorer, hungrier and more corrupt than it was in 1947.

Indira Gandhi was a thug and a dictator. Period. She presided over the criminalisation of politics through her cynical maneouvers and a steady devaluation of the constitution, culminating in the excesses of the emergency. Whatever good she has done the dictatorial and the anti development attitude of hers set the country back by years. Of course we were better off in terms of food, but no where near our potential.

Rajiv was another man who did'nt know what he was doing. Lurking his way from one crises to another IPKF, shah bano, Bofors, St Kitts and Nevis, he was our disaster guy.His only lasting acheivment, Lowering of the voters age.

Narsimha Rao, is a person I dont know much about. Though I must admit, he inherited a huge shit pile of mess from the Gandhis, and did a commendable job of cleaning it up. He was the driving force behind the reforms (encouraged along by the IMF). Basically reforms meant taking out the stupid laws that Dumb Nitwits like Nehru and Indira had put in place. So no much credit there.

Gowda and Gujaral were an abomination on the post of the Prime Minister.

As is MMS.

He has watched as the ministries he should control are doing their own thing. Some of them did good jobs, like the aviation ministry, but some of them just did'nt, and he did'nt say anything. This supposedly 'honest' man watched as ministers stole merrily. The full form of DMK became Delhi's Money to Karunanidhi.

Of course there was growth, but most of it was default and in the Khyali Pulao sectors like I banking and IT. Hard things like Roads, Railways Power were simply forgotten. As was the massive increase in food prices.

Orders from the high priestess has prevented him from appointing a full time Finance Minister and a full time Foreign Minister. This ,at a time when we are facing a huge economic crisis and our neighborhood is going up in flames. His electile dysfunctionalism has gotten translated into executive delinquency. Do these people care about the country or about their posts?(Not to mention, their delinquent sons)

Do you really want to vote for a party with such a pathetic record at governance?

Here's why the BJP is a better option. Its a rightist party and favors lesser governement and better srevices to the people. Its about giving the governement back to the people.
When the BJP says it will provide rice at Rs 2, it wants to introduce food coupons, so that the poor can buy good rice from private shops, not the shit that you get at the PDS (most of it is pilfered anyway).
The BJP wants to talk about infrastructure, it is the only party to have released an infrastructure vision.
The BJP wants to bring back the black money, and thereby bring back the forgotten topic of corruption into public debate.

And Barkha wants you to talk about Priyanka's nose and Rahul's dimples.

Congresswalas will tell you 'look at the NREGA, it has given money to poor people'.
Well it has, but also it has kept them terribly poor. What kind of assets are we creating by giving money to people for digging ditches and filling them up. Build more roads, you idiots. As the saying goes, Dont give fish to the hungry, teach them how to Fish.

What about the stupendous profits in the Rail Ministry?
Well the second largest employer cannot be a one man show, right. And how could have Laloo over loaded those wagons without the 17000 crores that Nitish set aside for safety. We have'nt seen a ghastly train accident which used to be very common. Thank Nitish.
Jaswant Singh and Yashwant Sinha were the only FMs who bothered about the tax machinery and reformed it. Making it more simpler for people, through the use of IT.

And of course the BJP built great roads and had a robust foriegn relations policy. And it had far fewer terror related deaths.

The BJP has demonstrated its good governance credintials amply. It has pulled Rajasthan and MP out of BIMARU and Bihar is on its way. Gujarat of course is the model of governance.

The Congress also raises the secular vs communal bogey. It wants parties to pass a secularism test. But do you think their 'secularism' is a matter of high principle ? No it isn't. It is pandering to the minority votebank by raising the threat of the BJP. The way they flirted with Hindu, Sikh and Muslim extremists in the 80's shows that they are a party that will do anything for votes and power. As soon as they get into power, their first thought is, how do I win the next election? The number of times that the constitution has been subverted by them to hold on to power especially in Goa and Jharkhand shows how power hungry they are.

And about the community that uses its precious vote not to elect a good candidate but to keep out a particular party, well, they are destined to live in misery. They chose it. They'll get their Sachar Committee reports, nothing more.

This election should be about government delivery of services, And we dont need an overhaul of the system for that. Look at Surat, where the SMC provides world class services within the current framework. Mumbai can learn from Surat, it should. Surat can only be replicated by a government that thinks the government is of the people. Not by a party that thinks the governement belongs to family, passed down from mother to son.

PS- To end, a quote from twitter
NDA log tanki bharkar gaadi tumko diye aurtum saadechaar saal mein, bina koi maintenance ke,bina repair-reform ke,poor itanki khalikardiye :)
Also I have accused Sonia G of many things that she is clearly not capable of intellectually. It is a family problem.


deveshdedhia said...

hey vikram Devesh here. Well to the say the least i find ur entire blog completely biased with hardly any statistic supporting it.

I agree u can go on with the normal BJP bitching about the PM being in Sonia's pocket but abusing Nehru's rule is ridiculous. I dont think India has had a better peoples leader than Nehru. Well world wide economic studies claim the 1st five year plan implemented by Nehru laid foundations for a strong democratic india which was bound to show growth and it did.

Well.....u say that BJP is the peoples party may i just add a small adjective HINDU PEOPLE.

How do you even dream that a party whose birth was based on religious reasons can think about development. A party basically consisting primarily Bhramins with casteism in their elite heads can never reach the common man (dalits).

The only sucess story that BJP has ever had is Narendra Modi, who i would honestly support for his governance and equally(no a little more) hate for godhra.

Any ways this is my side of the story. Well hope that somebody would realise this that the problem to fight is casteism not hindu- muslims(its just politically instigated).

I will also clear that if i could vote i would give a no vote (I dont support the current congress either).

vikram said...

Look I might not have the statistics, but I can only convince you by the logic my arguments about doudt he was a tall leader, but ultimatly, all he cared for was legacy, his dilly dallying wrt china led to our massive loss, likewise with the economy. Nobody in their right mind can justify the disastrous controls he placed on the economy, may be it was the in thing then, but it was wrong. As to the role of planning, just go thru nicholas taleb's book black swan. You'll realise, plans have'nt been successful anywhere. Common man, you are in america, you must have developed a healthy disrespect for socialism (altho the wind there is turning). Can you quote even one of the economic studies?

Did you know that the congress working committee almost unanimously wanted sardar patel to be the PM and gandhi vetoed that in favor of nehru, his favorite.
I admire Nehru for being a true democrat, nothing else. We could have done much better without him or his ideas.
The simple fact is, China and Sth korea were poorer and more devastated by war than India (in 1947), with a similar social structure and literacy rate. They are there because they were lucky not to follow nehruvian socialism. Isn't it plainly obvious even now to you that governement has no business in business.

About the BJP, yes its genesis was as a Hindu party, that sought to consolidate Hindu votes and I see nothing wrong in filling a political void. Later on it realised that Indians are intrinsically secular and they want development. So its the development issue now. Look at not just gujarat MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Bihar you don't need statictics to tell you that these states have developed immensly under BJP rule. They wouldn't be back in power if not for development. The BJP is known more by its opponents propoganda(the media) more than by its own communication. You, are a victim of the propoganda.
yes my blog is biased because the congress for its sheer power hungriness and its disrespect for the constitution(it now owns the ec, the president and the CBI) is dangerous for the country.
read MJ akbar's byline for more gyaan.
read if you want a more erudite view of things.

About castiesm , you are right, it is the enemy, and the way to solve it is through integration of the Hindu Community economically, politically and socially, which is what the BJP and the RSS wants to do, abely opposed by the congress along with its allies(RJD SP etc etc)
Your no vote is unfortunate.

vikram said...

Also please do read Gurucharan das's book India Unbound on the contros that Nehru placed and how they were disastrous, trust me they'll open your eyes about Nehru.