Monday, November 17, 2008

The Sun never did set on the Empire

So guys I am back after a short hiatus(like anybody cares about my break). And the readers must be eagerly awaiting my next post (like anybody reads this blog).My sad attempts at deriving humor from self deprecation aside, I'd like to use this blog to condemn the pathetic behavior of one Mr. Gupta.This soft spoken blackmailer used my desperation for a few pieces of paper to supress my rights of speech.I stand by what ever I said about Gupta earlier.
Now that I am done with forcing you to read my personal rantings about a blackmailer,let me get to my post.All of my readers with minimal brains would have guessed it's about the British Empire.And they guessed rightly.So friends let me introduce you to the last outpost of the British empire....India.
Yes,its true ,the current administrative superstructure of India is exactly as the British left it in 1947.So lazy were our much 'venerated' law makers like Mr Ambedkar,that they didn't bother to change the were administrative machinery and the attitude that the must hated masters had created for their own benefit. The constitution is essentially a copy paste of Englands'(which ironically is unwritten.) .If they weren't lazy,then they were plain dumb to not have realized that the administration's attitudes to govern a colonial outpost and an independent country are vastly different.The stupid kashmiri pm was such a pathetic Anglophile that his India of dreams was essentially a cut paste of England.Nothing reflects our irrelevant administration than our pathetic police,arguably the largest collection of cowards anywhere in this planet.Our police men are first of the blocks to kill unarmed civilians and lathi charge innocent students.But give them a few goondas like Raj,they pee in their pants.Nothing reflects the cowardliness of our police forces than the practice of killing unarmed criminals in cold blood,aka encounters.The police is there just to suck the blood out of us citizens.They pounce on us even if we commit an innocent mistake like jumping the signal,but the same cowards grovel before politicians and goondas of every kind.
Its not entirely the police's fault though.The real culprits are the political machinery of the congress party,whose driving force behind the independence struggle was nothing but a carnal lust for power.The congress party just wanted to replace the gora sahibs.What else will explain their reluctance to change the structure of the colonial police?The police then,as it is now,was completely pliant to its political masters.The the idiotic kashmiri,who spoke out vociferously against detention without trail in pre independence days,ironically retained the same power for his police.
Likewise the other departments of our Administration are afflicted by the same colonial mindset.The only notable difference between colonial times and now is the all pervasive corruption in the higher bureaucracy.The British were a lot less corrupt.
And at the heart of this huge cut paste operation lies the parliament, that collections of nuts,sycophants,babalogs and criminals.That institution is really a blot on democracy,not only in India,but on democracy anywhere in the world.The time has come when intellectuals of the country begun questioning the appropriateness of parliamentary democracy for India.The most basic of assumptions that a parliamentary system makes is that people will drive the representatives to deliver.However that has never happened in India because of the voters' general apathy and their proclivity to vote along caste lines.Bottom up change can never happen India because of citizen apathy.we just don't give a flying fuck.India needs a top down approach to administration, a more presidential form of governance,where the parliament is just there for checks and balances,not as a decision making body.The efficacy of this style of governance has been thoroughly demonstrated by modi in gujarat.Indians in fact desire a strong leader in their hearts.

I don't have much hope that this generation can or will affect the change needed to 'liberate' India but i believe when my generation comes to power,it will deliver.And I believe mt generation is strongly nationalistic and very right wing.So when we will have real power,the Italian feet lickers and the comrades can go for a hike.
The continuing saga of the raped nun baffles me.She has lost her thick malyaali accent when she appeared before the media in a press conference.And when the orrissa police tried to get her to identify the accused,she refused,citing trauma.Yeah right.Apparently for the good nun giving titillating descriptions of her disrobing to the national media is less traumatic than identifying the accused.She has been avoiding the orissa police ever since.Who raped whom?As I see it, this case too will go where the other rapes- of- nuns-by-saffron-activists went.-Into oblivion due to innate false hood.

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