Friday, October 17, 2008

U.S. And Us

I have been following the American elections avidly on T.V. and the internet.In these times of uncertainty,I believe its the single most important election that we know.These election might define how america fights its,and the worlds,troubles.Because all said and done its still the most important country in the world.It goes down then so do we.
However the point of this post is the difference in our society and theirs,as inferred from their elections and ours.And the points that make are ones to be thought over.
1-They have leaders who they can look up to we have nobody.
America now has 2 genuine heroes running against each other.Sen McCain is great war hero who lead his men admirably in the 76 war.He didnt come back to the States even when he was given a chance to leave his prison because all his men were'nt released.Thats a hero.Barack Obama was brought up all over the world has graduated Summa Cum Laude from Harvard Law.We obviously dont have men from army to lead us but I'd love to have a look at the educational profiles of our many yuvrajs.I'm sure that we wont have many inspiring stories.The point is when i go out to vote i will not have many men whom i can look up to.Of course if i have to choose idiots i'll be spoilt for choice.
2-Our politicians are Pussies
Out of the many things that i observed in the american elections the most tlling was the fact that both the VP nominees have sons who are fighting in Iraq.Sons of our politicians,after living up their lifes,knocking up girls,getting columbian gfs,doing drugs or some gundagardi here and there,settle down peacefully into papa's business.Or go join reality shows.Disgusting really.Show me one yuvraaj who has had a record of public service prior to joining politics and i'll show you a pig that can fly.Can you imagine a politician sending his son to the army in India??Hah dream on.
3-We are not funny.
The best perspective that I've had about america is from the late night comedians.And boy are they funny.They are a joke factory and the kinds of jokes they crack on politicos show how really well entrenched freedom of speech is in america.And the fact that they can laugh at themselves.Those kind of below the belt jokes in India would have invited tod fod of the T.v. offices.If this were america I'd have surely known where the hell the columbian gf of a particular yuvraaj went.The major inference we can make from is this is that we respect authority too much.We are afraid to crack jokes on people on power and they are not sporting enough to take it.The way we treat people of authority with too much o undeserved respect can be seen in the laal batti cars.We expect,almost want people in power to behave unreasonably,to jump queus,to distort merit to forward kith and kin.
4-They expect a lot from their candidates.,Humko,sab chalta hai
I have said a lot about the U.S. candiadates so lets have a look at our candidates for prime minister.
The congress doesnt know who its candidate is.The incumbent has'nt won any elections in his life time and will come lst in the 2nd standard elocution competion of a municipal school.The psuedo prime minister cant speak hindi.She has answerd as many tough policy questions as many times I'had sex.And i am a virgin.
The third front candidate is a certified thief.Its really disgusting that vermin like that can run for prime minister.I dont have much to speak about that.
The only man in contention who is a good speaker and has a good governance record is advani.But hes simply too old to lead this nation.

These 4 were the most telling differences that i thought were the most telling.
More about the causes and implications of these diffrences in my next post.

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