Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disaster at Arnala

So here i go.This is the start of the Bhakpics Online Revolution.After a lot of talking and thinking i've sat down to write the first Bhakpics Blog.Before starting off,I'd like to give some credit to Mr Sohit Raina as he is the founder of Bhakpics.Not to forget Mr Saurabh Gupta an Mr Arjun Khandelwal.

Now we come to the start of the story.For qiute some time we had been planning for a trip.We'd licked the railway site dry and yet our plans had come to a naught.Sohit was pretty frustrated with the whole thing and was desperate to go on an outing like a groom who wants to lose his virginity.After much dilly dallying we decided to go to Arnala beach near Virar.Alas,We had no inkling of what plans fate had for us.

March 22 the D day arrived.Sohit came to wake me up with a little chaddi in his hands.he was pretty excited about the whole thing,which i found wierd,because thats so uncharecteristic of him.I dint exactly want to go but woke up nonetheless cause i dint want to screw the plan at this stage.All of us got ready with our stuff and I went to the 4th floor.As khazanchi was closin the door to his room,i said to sohit "yaar aaj kuch bhak pics honewali hai".people that i have a kali zubaan.guess sohit dint know this and paid no heed to my words and carried on as he hadnt heard me.To his great pain as he found out later.

So we reached Vidyavhiar station in no great spirits.Burpi and Sohit were trying to lift up mine and khazanchi's spirit but to no great avail.Cant Decipher,but my feelings were pretty much anti trip.In hindsight i can claim it to be my sixth sense,but it would'nt be fair on my part to do so.

Anyways we got to Virar station without any major hiccups.
So here we were at the virar station.Pretty much gaanv like feeling.We had no idea as to how to get to we had our tea at a stall and asked around.People directed us to autos nearby.Here disaster struck.I was attacked by a Holi Misslile(Pun intended).My clothes were dripping red from the color.But this was just the begining of the disaster that was to come.
So we got into 1 of those 6 seater autos and set of towards arnala beach.In the middle of the way howevere we were waylaid by gangs of men asking for money to booze on holi.anshul was threatened badly,Sohit was attacked with color.But the attackers sudden attention was focused on khazanchi.Boy would they have loved to smear that white soft skin of his with color using their grubby hands.Guessed many of them were gay.So anyway we paid of these men 3 times and at the last nakabandi we got tired and simply walked off.Ou destination was Swagat beach resort.Which had the tagline "And the best part is it is unlimited" be contd

March 22 2008.


Ashwini said...

Vikram Sir, looking forward for your article on the recent ugly attacks on Hotel Taj..

Sapna said...

yaaa vicky i think all of us shud join the "war on terror" all indians shud unite......JAI BHARAT MATA.